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Infinity Shield Pro® has become an essential part of solid waste operations. Infinity Shields Pro® has stepped up and become part of what the solid waste industry needed to protect its fleet! Infinity Shields Pro® Eliminates, Protects, and Inhibits with its scientifically proven multi-purpose Hyper Green® patented formula. Infinity Shields Pro® is a water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, formula with a pH balance of 7.0. Infinity Shields Pro® has earned its place as the "Go To" Black bottle in the solid waste industry. Day to day operations in solid waste are magnified on a fast track level. Either your product works or it doesn't! Conventional Products which dont work are washed away in seconds and refocus branding as household products when they don't make the grade in solid waste. We have created "Proactive" solutions to protect what matters most. Hyper Green® is a non-toxic, water-based, multi purpose product with proven results in the solid waste fleet, hauling as well as, inside recycling facilities and super MRF's, as well as, at landfills.

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Not One Rodent, Bird, or Pest! This picture was taken at night when pest activity is at its highest!

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It’s not about color...It’s about Corrosion, Rust, Odor, Pests and taking care of you clientele. Protecting your dumpsters, compactors, and containers is the first step in controlling future unneeded expense and getting a greater return rate on your investment. Infinity Pro® helps by eliminates the worst putrid odor between pickups, for five to seven days, if not longer! Infinity Pro® Protests against corrosions and rust and inhibits pests from these treated areas. A protected dumpster keeps rats away and by keeping them protected rodents won’t get in your trucks! Therefore No more rodent being dumped in your trucks to chew on wires and cables. Bees don't swarm dumpsters seeking milk, sugar and honey at your commercial bakery accounts and your drivers won’t get stung! Roaches and flies cease to loiter. Infinity Pro is non-toxic water-based and has a zero mortality rate on pests.
EPA laws no longer allow your cans to have drain holes unplugged! Odor Pellets and other chemical based products are caustic and will corrode your steel inside! Did you know hauling facility sales teams greet potential new commercial accounts and spray their dumpsters with Infinity Pro® to show what the trucks are spraying and how this helps them and our environment! Hauling facilities use Infinity Pro® which improves service, appearance, and saves accounts the head aches from city and county odor and health violation.
FACT: Commercial front-end loaders that currently use side mounted spray tanks, dispensing Infinity Pro® into these receptacles after pickups and at compactor change out are receiving thumbs up from business owners and condo commandos. Dumpsters are no longer being shuffled around the property, causing safety issues to keep odor away from the customers due to prevailing winds. Rats, roaches and fly’s are no longer in and around the trucks and drivers! This keeps the drivers alert and their eyes on the road. A side mounted wash tank cost $800.00 dollars plus two hours labor to attach to a truck. If you spray the dumpster, compactor or container you eliminate the cost of corrosion, rust, better yet rats and other pests stay out of the trucks! This is the first step in keeping these varmints in their place!

Mechanics use Infinity Pro® during PMA inspections, creating a barrier of protection on all harnesses, wires, cables, on textiles to hard surfaces. Inside and outside of the vehicle for odors and smoke elimination. Infinity Pro® prevents corrosion and rust, this saves time during inspections. finding corrosion deep inside wires and connectors is time consuming.

Fleet commercial drivers use Infinity Pro® as a barrier of protection against odor & pests. Used in the side mounted tanks on board trucks Infinity blasts odor and pests completely out of the dumpsters and compactors. Infinity Pro® is used before and after pickups on clothing, textiles even footwear. Its a drivers responsibility to make sure the asset is clean after the route. Being a driver is a responsibility the average person runs from. It takes pride, respect and knowledge to operate those gentle giants around tight corners and congested streets. Safety is always an issue and removing the risk of pests and odor make it that much easier to complete daily objectives.

Fleet wash crews apply Infinity Pro® at the wash bay after the wash, as a quick spray to specific pre-determined locations on the asset, keeping varmints and other pests away! Infinity's® barrier of protection works between weekly washings.

Fleet Buildings have the issues of rodents, flies, and birds because the trucks inside carry whats needed for these pests to flourish. Infinity Pro® eliminates this activity. Applying Infinity Pro® in the parts room and on new parts prevent destruction before it even starts. Wires and cables are manufactured out of peanut oil and soy because it's environmentally safe. Varmints see theses only as a quick desert. Infinity Pro® sprayed inside facility offices, parts rooms and storage areas eliminates nesting areas. Infinity effectively removes these issues.

Recycling facilities and transfer stations are inundated with pests and odor. Flies, roaches, nasty trash birds and varmints use theses facilities as playgrounds. Our water-based, non-toxic products eliminate the most putrid odors, as well as, all of these pests combined. Our first recycling facility was approved by the Department Of Environmental Protection, which removed a Notice of Violation for odor.

Outside areas are neglected. Leachate has a way of seeping into ash-fault, concrete, and under scales. Staging areas before and after drop-offs need attention because pests wander around looking for food. Infinity Pro® in the sweeper & Infinity Pro Hose Rinse™ will create that barrier of protection eliminating these issues.

Offices at hauling facility's, Mrf's, transfer stations and landfills are more subject to pest activity because of the surroundings. Infinity Pro® is used inside all these locations including offices, parts rooms, HVAC systems, Filters.

Landfills are more valuable than perceived, Odor comes in all forms and as the decomposition process evolves many positive scientific situations evolve as well. Did you know? The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year.... and every year, each American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic garbage that can be composted.....and about one-third of an average dump is made up of packaging material! Landfills attract pests of all kinds. Birds have become an issue because of odor, acidic droppings, costly damage to equipment and overhead safety. High dilution water-based products are unable to be used as a direct application due to the quick accumulation in leachate systems. Infinity® has developed a proprietary anaerobic foam which works on contact and is cost-effective. This should be used when needed to eliminate the odor from municipal solid waste, that's the smell that comes from organic waste, which originates from living organisms.

Whether It's The Right Tool For The Job Or The Right Product, Infinity® Will Support Your Facility With Boots On The Ground To Assist Your Staff When It's Right For You! Zero Dark Thirty Happens Every Day For Us As Well!

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