Infinity Shields™ Multi-Purpose Surface Protectant 65 oz Hose Rinse
You're about to experience the most powerful multi-purpose surface protectant on the market today. Infinity Shields™ is like no other product, where as it's applications are endless indoor or outdoor. Infinity Shields has been developed by consumers for consumers. To date, Infinity Shields™ does the work of 14 products currently on the shelves with far superior results. When we combine the cost of these products they amount to several hundreds of dollars. Our goals are simple. "We Sell The Problem We Solved, Not The Product We Sell." We want you to have the same confidence in Infinity Shields™ that we have, knowing it does the job correctly the first time and it lasts! We are Veteran owned and operated and our commitment to excellence is Second to None!

Infinity Shields™ Hose Rinse has been developed for you the homeowner- the boat owner- the restaurant owner- the person who wants it done right the first time and doesn't want an inferior product. In today's day and time we want our monies worth. We want to receive what we paid for and we want it to work correctly the first time! Infinity Shields™ Hose Rinse is a super concentrated surface protectant, which once applied, goes past it expectancy. We can personally say we have tested Infinity Shields™ on and in our own homes, on boats, restaurants, condos, apartment complexes and businesses. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us to discuss application methods.

In 2016, this home was pressure cleaned and we applied Infinity Shields™ to the cement lion on the right, but not on the left. As time passed, we started to see the lion on the left (untreated) develop staining from mold and mildew. In April of 2019, the left lion was pressure cleaned and treated because the home owner wanted them to match again. These pictures will be updated periodically, so please revisit our site.

We need to make this real with this short story. The pressure cleaning companies in this area are very worried about Infinity Shields™ because houses in South Florida pressure clean every six months. This house was pressure cleaned in 2016 and still looks new and vibrant. Infinity Shields™ Long term effectiveness will not diminish by extreme weather conditions or repeated washings.

This driveway is covered by a large tree which creates ideal conditions for the staining from mold and mildew. The homeowner pressure cleans every six months at an average yearly cost of $1,000.00 dollars. We are excited to see these success stories. As a side note, one of the attributes of Infinity Shields™ is that pests steer clear of the treated surface. Infinity Shields™ doesn't harm pests because Infinity Shields™ eliminates the mold molecule and pheromone trail which make it difficult for pests to find water and each other, so they just pass on by!

This roof was pressure cleaned in 2016 by a professional company. We asked the owner to place our cherry scented formula inside his wash tank so that when he rinsed the roof afterward it would smell good. We also explained we were adding a multi-purpose surface protectant which prevented the staining from mold and mildew, he chuckled! In 2017 Hurricane Irma swept through and the home lost five tiles, you can see in the center picture. The homeowner replaced the tiles with surplus tile left over from the reroof. In 2017, they matched the roof, but as time passed over the next two years they have become stained by mold and mildew as shown.

Infinity Shields™ will not harm plants in any way. These pictures are taken eight months after application of the roof. The homeowner was cutting the hedges which surround the home and noticed a rainbow glow on the leaves, which had no harm on their shrubs.

So Where Else Can Infinity Shields™ Be Applied & Have The Same Success...

Infinity Shields™ applied to patio furniture fabric, textiles or hard surfaces keeps your furniture looking new and fresh.
Infinity Shields™ is applied to new or a clean surface keeping wood decks mold & mildew free.
Prevents natural stone from looking weathered. Infinity Shields™ keeps mold, mildew and sprinkler rust stains away from natural stone.
Infinity Shields™ Prevents the staining from mold, mildew, and water rust stains on your plastic, wood or composite fence.

Apply Infinity Shields™ to the cushion on your boat and have no staining from mold or mildew for 90 days or more. Eliminate odors from fuel vapors, as well as, bilge odor on contact. Extend your wax and eliminate black streaks on fiberglass.
Infinity Shields™ is used to capture airborne contaminants on the HVAC filters, as well as, inside the air handler and throughout the landing air vents. Infinity Shields™ is used on grease traps to keep the air fresh.
Infinity Shields™ is used to keep all kinds of corrosion away. Salt water corrosion is always a challenge, not any more.
Infinity Shields™ is used as a protective coating on protected and unprotected metals to keep rust away.


Infinity Shields™ keeps garbage cans, dumpsters and compactors and trash chutes odorless and pest free. No longer do you need to be concerned about odor complaints or the regulatory issues which come along with them. Infinity Shields™ patented formula will save time and money for you and your business. 100% Guaranteed
Wires and cables are manufactured out of soy and peanut oil because it makes them environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, it's the Kobe beef to varmints and other pests and they chew on them costing thousands of dollars in damage at our expense. Infinity Shields™ provides a barrier of protection, which keeps these pests away without harm.

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