Infinity Shields Multi-Purpose Surface Protectant 32 oz
Your about to to experience the most powerful multi-purpose surface protectant on the market today. Infinity Shields™ is like no other product, where as its applications are endless indoor or outdoor. Infinity Shields™ has been developed by consumers for consumers. To date Infinity Shields™ does the work of 14 products currently on the shelve with far superior results. When we combine the cost of these products they amount to several hundreds of dollars. Our goals are simple We Sell The Problem We Solved. Not The Product We Sell. We want you to have the same confidence in Infinity Shields™ that we have, knowing it does the job correctly the first time and it lasts! Our products are Hyper Green® water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive with a pH balance of 7.0. We are Veteran-owned and operated and our commitment to excellence is "Second to None".

Use Infinity Shields around your home on fabric or hard surfaces to create a long lasting barrier of protection...
Use Infinity Shields on a new or clean surface to create a barrier of protection against non-health bearing microorganism. Prevent the staining from mold, mildew, all while eliminating the worst odor and smoke on contact. Infinity Shields barrier works on fabric, leather, rugs, linens, draperies, pillow cases, wallpaper, and eliminates the worst odor and smoke on contact. Odors from pets, bedding, skunks, urine, fuel vapors, trash, diaper pails, footwear, smoke. Infinity Shields works on cigarette, cigar, and marijuana smoke odor. Infinity Shields is also used in the wash to create a barrier of protection on your laundry, keeping your belongings odor free and fresh - Bonds up to 30 washes.

Use Infinity Shields around your power boat or sail boat on fabric, canvas, or hard surfaces to create a long lasting barrier of protection. Extends your wax, eliminates black streaks. No more staining from mold or mildew on your cushions. Eliminate that fuel vapor odor as well as any bilge odor. Protect your teak, or make your stainless steel shine longer. Infinity Shields prevents salt water corrosion on any surface.

Use Infinity Shields around places to help keep airborne contaminant away to create a long lasting barrier of protection. Air filters, HVAC coils to prevent the staining from mold or mildew. Prevents corrosion and rust, protects wires and cables in side your vehicles from pests.

Use Infinity Shields on the worst odors and smoke. Infinity Shields eliminates unwanted odor from dumpsters, compactors and trash chutes. Use Infinity Shields on footwear and occupational equipment. Not only does Infinity Shields eliminate odor and smoke on contact it keeps on working past its initial application. Our patented Hyper Green® barrier of protection keeps you on the cutting edge of technology.

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